How People Join


Our members drive the work of the MezeyLab, so as unfilled positions become available, we're always interested in recruiting new members who are enthusiastically driven to produce great science and who want to be part of a supportive environment where everyone helps everyone else accomplish their research and career goals.  There are four types of positions that we recruit:

  1. Senior Associate Research Scientists
  2. Postdoctoral Associates
  3. PhD Graduate Students
  4. Scientific Programmers

While the people who join us have different backgrounds and experiences, the work they perform while in the MezeyLab complements and extends their computational statistics and machine learning skill sets while providing deep experience working with big biological data types. Members typically stay ~2-5 years before embarking on the next stage of their careers and we are highly supportive of alums moving on when great opportunities arise.

If you are interested in the possibility of joining the MezeyLab, please see the Openings page for positions we are currently recruiting and how to contact us for more information.