Dr. Mezey's has been partnering and consulting with Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, and Data Science companies for over a decade. Among other initiatives, he has lead the computational data analysis efforts within multiple academic-Pharma partnerships that have worked to prioritize and identify new drug targets. He has also had a long-term consulting engagement with Medidata Solutions and more recently Acorn AI (a Medidata, Dassault Systemes Company), an industry leader in electronic data capture (EDC) software and technology for clinical trials. With Medidata / Acorn, Dr. Mezey has worked as a principal consultant on issues and technologies related to ingestion, management, and use of genomic data in clinical trials, as well as other data science initiatives involving applications of EDC data.

Since 2020, all of Dr. Mezey's new consulting engagements have been performed as a part of his company h2 Analytics LLC. Please see the h2 Analytics page for more information or the h2 Analytics site for how to contact Dr. Mezey to inquire about his availability for consulting projects.