Current Members


Information on our current members located on either the Cornell (Ithaca) or Weill Cornell (NYC) campuses is provided below. We additionally have a large network of informal members who contribute to our research who are not listed. Please contact us at MezeyLab for more information or to contact a MezeyLab member.



Professor Jason Mezey


Dr. Jason Mezey, PhD


Professor of Computational Biology

Cornell University


Professor of Genetic Medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine



Professor Mezey received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, his PhD from Yale University, and he has been at Cornell University since 2006 and at Weill Cornell Medicine since 2009. He was awarded lifetime tenure in 2011 and was promoted to Full Professor in 2018 at Cornell in the Department of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology (now the Department of Computational Biology) and was promoted to Full Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine in both the Department of Genetic Medicine and in the Institute for Computational Biomedicine. He is also the co-founder of h2 Analytics, a company that grew out of his long term consulting engagements. For additional information please see his LinkedIn profile or his CV:




Dr. Rostami


Dr. Mahboubeh (Roofya) Rostami, PhD

Faculty Instructor in Genetic Medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine


PhD - Tufts University

Tenure in the MezeyLab: 2017-present


Dr. Mahboubeh Rostami (Roofya) joined as a postdoctoral associate and has continued to work in the MezeyLab as a Senior Associate Research Scientist after being promoted to an instructor faculty position in the Department of Genetic Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine. She received her PhD from Tufts University where here work focused on differential equation theory and modeling, including systems biology applications. Her research in the MezeyLab has been focused on analyzing single cell genomic data, where this work has included building a number of pipelines for processing single cell data for various applications and statistical modeling techniques for extracting biological insights from these data. She also leads a collaborative bioinformatics project analyzing 15K fully sequenced genomes of people from the Middle East. Her first / co-first author publications include papers in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (the Blue Journal), PLoS OneMobile DNA and she has a number of single cell and bioinformatics papers in preparation.

For more information, see Dr. Rostami's LinkedIn profile or to get her resume or direct contact information, please contact us at MezeyLab



Scott Kulm​​


Scott Kulm

PhD Graduate Student (co-advised by Professor Olivier Elemento)


Weill Cornell Medicine

Tenure in the MezeyLab: 2017-present


Scott received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from The Cooper Union before joining Weill Cornell Medicine as a graduate student in the Physiology, Biophysics & Systems Biology PhD program, where he is co-advised by Professor Olivier Elemento and Professor Mezey. His work is focused on developing machine learning methods for developing disease prediction models that integrate multiple types of data, including genomic data, electronic health records and survey answers. His research thus far has produced a comprehensive comparison and assessment of polygenic risk scores (PRS), multi-factor clinical predictors of cancer risk, and genetic, clinical, and epidemiological based analyses of the determinants of COVID-19 infection.  His publications include papers in the American Journal of Human Genetics, PLoS One, and Nature Communications, as well as a number of additional papers in review and in preparation.

For more information, see his Twitter and LinkedIn profile, or to get his latest resume or direct contact information, please contact us at MezeyLab



Beulah Agyemang-Barimah


Beulah Agyemang-Barimah

PhD Graduate Student in Computational Biology


Cornell University

Tenure in the MezeyLab: 2018-present


Beulah received her undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Biology from Southwestern University before joining Cornell University as a graduate student in the Computational Biology PhD program. Her work is focused on developing scalable phylogenetic inference methods that are computationally efficient enough to simultaneously analyze tens of thousands of genetic markers and she is developing a framework for phylogenetic mixed model analysis of GWAS (Genome-Wide Association Study) data. She is also driving a GWAS analysis project studying the impact of the X chromosome on complex human diseases. Her initial phylogenetic methodology paper is in preparation along with a number of other papers from collaborative projects.

For more information, see her LinkedIn profile, or to get her latest resume or direct contact information, please contact us at MezeyLab




Yuxin Shi​​


Yuxin Shi

Senior Scientific Programmer


Cornell University

Tenure in the MezeyLab: 2009-2014 and 2021-present


Yuxin was a member of the MezeyLab 2009-2014, she then joined Professor Susan McCouch's lab at Cornell University where her work included collaborative projects between the McCouch and Mezey lab, and she has now rejoined the MezeyLab as of January 2021. Her work on rice has included numerous aspects of analysis and data management including GWAS (Genome-Wide Association Study), eQTL (expression Quantitative Trait Loci) and iQTL (ionomics Quantitative Trait Loci) projects and design of the McCouch Lab application MontyDB, a Genotype Browser web application for dynamically exploring rice genomic, haplotype, and GWAS/eQTL peak localization. In the MezeyLab, she is currently working on several projects including structural equation pedigree prediction of disease risk where she is both developing the underlying modeling frameworks and applying these frameworks to UK biobank data. He publications include papers in Nature Communications, Frontiers in Plant Sciences, and Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

For more information or to get her direct contact information, please contact us at MezeyLab