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Please note: this site is for Professor Mezey's Quantitative Genomics Class.  For more information on Professor Mezey, please see his Cornell Departmental profile and his Research Site.

Each year, Professor Mezey teaches the course Quantitative Genomics and Genetics simultaneously at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) and Weill Cornell Medicine (New York, New York).  The course provides a rigorous treatment of analysis techniques used to understand complex genetic systems, including both the fundamentals and advances in statistical methodology used to identify genetic loci impacting disease, agriculturally relevant, and evolutionarily important phenotypes.  The course is currently limited to students at Cornell University, Cornell Tech, Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Rockefeller University where over the past decade and a half, over a thousand students among these institutions have taken the course.  While access to the full course is limited, the lecture slide decks and videos are made available here under the following conditions of use: no person or entity is allowed to use these course material - or anything derived from course materials - for any for-profit purposes, directly or indirectly. Please contact the Department of Computational Biology at Cornell University for any additional information.

Quantitative Genomics and Genetics - Spring 2024

Lecture 1 (Jan 23) - Logistics / Intro to Quant Gen



Quantitative Genomics and Genetics - Spring 2023





Matrix Basics



Lecture 1




Lecture 2



Lecture 3



Lecture 4



Lecture 5



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Lecture 8



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